Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The vile jewish whore sticking her finger up at cindy sheehen in the picture you are looking at is convicted multi-million doller car scammer Pamala Geller and tratior.
We muslims have no love for American soldiers who invade muslim nations. when muslims have to kill soldiers they kill not for the love of it but at the same time it has to be done but when the attack is carried out and american soldiers die muslims dont laught at the familys of the dead soldiers or give them the finger.

Cindy sheehens son was killed in iraq now he knew what he was getting himself into but muslims dont say hahaha we your son was this and that and your a tratior because your against this war these vile jewish animals are amazing they dont hide their crimes against america one bit they start the war then get other americans to die in it then when the americans say this war is false and bullshit and is for the jews and dont what their sons to die the jews say their tratiors.

Geller once said that johathan pollard the Israeli jewish spy was a Hero yes you heard me right a HERO this is from a jewish rottan whore that calls everybody who is against the jewish wars in the middle east a tratior including cindy sheehen.

Oh and yes in case your wondering who is that vile looking jewish criminal in the picture with her its robert spencer another jew who called johathan pollard a hero
for spying on america and no he,s not an old german actor from the famous ww2
nazi mag Der sturmer.

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